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President of Reliable Integrated Sustainable Solutions Co.

President of Reliable Integrated Sustainable Solutions Co.
Dr. Ehab is a Leading Researcher in the field of economics legislations of sustainable development, Dr. Shalaby has a 15 years of experience in the fields’ of academic, research, corporate and government policy advising experience on the local, regional and international level; as well as being recognized for teaching excellence based on technical, research and design fundamentals. Imbedding “Sustainable Development” concept in the Egyptian culture and in all educational aspects, Dr. Shalaby is both skilled and innovative at leveraging information technology to reduce education and training costs while dramatically improving productivity and results. PhD in Sustainable Development – thesis title “Energy & Sustainable Development: An Economic Approach towards enhancing Energy Cooperation between Egypt and the EU” – Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt.


Head of Translation Department at Shalakany Law Firm

Head of Translation Department at Shalakany Law Firm
Ahmed Shaaban, is a highly professional translator and legal writing instructor. In 1998, he obtained a professional translator certificate from the American University in Cairo. In 1999, he was appointed as a legal translator at Shalakany Law Office-Cairo. In 2015, he acted as Head of Translation Department at Shalakany Law Office. He is assigned to provide legal writing courses and translate all conference documentation, contracts of all types, loan, equity, financing and other banking documents, legal opinions, financial statements, correspondence and court documents from and into both Arabic and English. In 2005, he further acted as a freelance translator and legal writing instructor for other various entities.


Head of Legal Department at Egyptian Media

Head of Legal Department at Egyptian Media
Dr. Ahmed El Shakankiry is Head of the Legal Department at Egyptian Media, a part-time Business Law professor at both French University in Cairo and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport. Dr. Ahmed holds qualifications from the University of Paris 1-Sorbonne and Cairo University and Montpellier I that include Masters Degrees in International and European Business Law and a PhD. in the Electronic Arbitration.


Head of Litigation and Arbitration at Etisalat

Head of Litigation and Arbitration at Etisalat

Mahmoud Mesbah, has more than 15 years of accumulative experience as a general practitioner in Litigation and arbitration matters. Areas of practice laws; Civil, Criminal, Commercial, administrative, aviation, labor, family laws. Current position is Head of litigation And Arbitration Etisalat

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Senior Legal Advisor at Eni for Petroleum

Senior Legal Advisor at Eni for Petroleum

Bassem El Mahdy has 7 years of accumulative experience as a corporate lawyer, starting with as junior lawyer at Amer law firm till accomplishing a higher position as a Senior Legal advisor at Eni for petroleum. Has also experience as a contracts specialized in Etisalat Egypt for 4 years, then started deputy legal manager at Total oil & gas for 2 years.
Bassem has also excelled in providing training for junior lawyers in drafting contracts at total and is now working as a part-time instructor providing contract practice course at RISC Legal Academy.


TOLES Instructor-Certified Instructor – Atlanta English Institute.

TOLES Instructor
Nader Fathy, began his career as an English instructor in 2002. During his tour of practical experience, he managed to obtain three post-graduate diplomas from Texas, USA. He is a certified instructor from local and international institutes such as Atlanta English Institute. He worked as the UN as an interpreter for two years. His experience includes teaching a variety of courses such as:-
General English
Conversation and speaking Business English Legal English ESP TOEFL
Tailored Courses Language Assessment


Researcher in the Law and Society Research Unit at AUC

Researcher in the Law and Society Research Unit at AUC
Mostafa Shaat is a legal and human rights researcher based in Cairo who holds an LL.M. degree in “International Law of Human Rights” from the Law School of Notre Dame University, Indiana.
Since 2011, he joined a number of local NGOs, such as the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression as a junior researcher focusing on issues of transitional justice, freedom of speech and expression, and also on criminal justice.
He currently works as a researcher in the Law and Society Research Unit (LSRU) in the “law and security” team at the American University in Cairo.


Legal Affairs Manager of Total Oil and Gas Egypt

Legal Affairs Manager of Total Oil and Gas Egypt

Sue has served as a Legal Counselor in sundry prominent international and regional sectors along with her profession. Her practice involves a wide range of laws and her primary focus is Business Law and Dispute Settlement. Sue Ellen’s legal expertise is dominant in various industries but her focus of strength exists in Oil & Gas, Real Estate and Telecom.
Sue Ellen is a law school graduate from both Ain Shames University and Jean Moulin University, France. Post-graduation she moved to Paris for a year where she obtained her Legal Diploma in Research Methodologies from Jean Moulin University Lyon III. Sue Ellen holds a Master of Laws Degree (LL.M) in International and Comparative Law from the American University in Cairo with High Honors and registered in the PhD program in Leicester University, UK.
Sue Ellen was granted an internship as a legal researcher at the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.
She serves as an Arbitrator at the Egypt National Moot Arbitration Competition, American Bar Association
Sue Ellen is a lecturer at the American University in Cairo as well as the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and has written significant research papers on different legal issues such as White Collar Crimes, International Dispute Settlements and Criminology. She is consistently ranked as a leading lawyer in business law by the American Bar Association in Egypt.


President of the International Criminal Bar

President of the International Criminal Bar
Dr. Hossam is an International lawyer, having practical experience in handling international cases before the International criminal court in The Hague and international arbitration cases in London.
Dr. Hossam is a PhD holder in international law from Brunel University London, and has previously worked for the UN, Amnesty international and National council for human rights and has also published article in International Criminal Law Review Journal.


Business Analyst at ADIB

Business Analyst at ADIB

Ahmed Fikry is graduated from faculty of law, English department in 2011. He has 6 years of work experience in banking sector where he effectively participating in portfolio management, elite customer service skills, SME marketing, priority banking, Investment banking and private banking… etc. … Starting his career as a customer service officer at HSBC for 1 year, then he joined CIB where he stayed 3 years as a wealth manager, managing a portfolio of 360 customers with total AUMS 570 Million EGP (A+) branch, and finally he has been working at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank as a senior relationship manager, gold department, since Nov 2014 and he was working in Dubai Team Then he joined the Egyptian team and now he is working between Cairo and Dubai.
During his career path, he has taken number of courses held by central bank of Egypt- Egyptian banking institute; anti money laundry, detection of counterfeiting and forgery of documents and electronic payment cards, Wealth Accreditation School, Business development strategies, Sales and Marketing strategies, ICWIM Level 3, International Certified Account Advisor and finally Certified Portfolio Manager.


Legal Counsel at ElSewedy Electric

Ahmed Zedan started his career in 2005 with a vision to enter the legal field equipped with an international and business perspective. Working for multinationals since the beginning of his career, he was able to realize his vision very early. Now he is working for one of the biggest multinationals in Egypt and responsible for the legal affairs of more than 48 companies abroad in addition to EPC and mega projects in Egypt and around the globe. He was also involved in several landmark deals in the power generation industry, the most significant of which is the world’s biggest gas-fired combined-cycle power plant complex located in Egypt.


Senior Development Officer 

Senior Development Officer in Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation
Nermeen is a senior development officer in Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, shalaby is a MBA holder from French university in Egypt, Shalaby main field is to strengthen Egypt’s ties with its existing international partners and different development agencies, as well as exploring new opportunities for cooperation while setting Egypt partners strategies, all through the establishment of mutually-beneficial partnerships. After spending nearly, a decade working in GOE, Shalaby has extensive experience in national development program negotiation and follow up. Furthermore, she has opportunity to be MIIC representative in several local economic and political GOE committees, as well as in the coordination with several international organizations, on top of which is the USAID, UNDP and LAS.


Director of the Technical Office at Trade Agreements Sector (TAS)

Director of the Technical Office at Trade Agreements Sector (TAS)
Ahmed Yehia is the Head of the technical office of the 1st undersecretary for International Trade & Agreements Sector and has previous experience in Economic analyst, Central Department of WTO and Trainer at Foreign Trade Training Centre and in International Trade Policie


Associate Professor and International Assessor

Associate Professor and International Assessor
Dr. Rasha M. Wagdy M. Elleithy is an Associate professor of Human rights, English Language and comparative Literature. She has a Philosophy Doctorate (PHD) in English Language and Literature (2006) and a Master’s Degree (MA) in English and Comparative Literature (The American University in Cairo). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. She is also an Erasmus Mundus candidate for a PHD in Management (The Impact of Cross-Cultural Differences on Management of International Projects) from the Academy of Economic Studies, European Union. Dr. Rasha, is the founder and director of Leaders for Human Development and is a university professor, lecturer, lawyer, interpreter and translator. She is the author of many published studies, articles and books in Human Rights, Cross-cultural relations and English language. Her internationally best-known book is “Us/ Them: A comparative Study of Cross-cultural Colonial Relations within the Context of British Imperialism in the Middle and Far-East” and her internationally best-known paper is “The E-Civilizing Mission: Tweeting Western Human Rights and Hacking the Arab Spring in The Era of Digital (Post) Colonialism”

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Hadeer Helal practices in the corporate law area with over 13 year experience. She has extensive experience in the areas of corporate and securities law. Her practice includes, intellectual property rights, M&As, capital markets, energy, banking and finance and real estate. Corporate governance, ensuring that various legal entities of companies follow basic corporate compliance requirements in regard to corporate structure, procedures, documentation and inter-company agreements, is one of her areas of specialization.

Hadeer has advised and worked on the renewable energy sector including the new FIT scheme and the development of the first templates of the direct Power Purchase Agreements for the New and Renewable Energy Authority in Egypt. She has experience, in the oil and gas industry. She is experienced in commercial real estate and construction practice, with an emphasis on the development, construction, leasing, and financing. She has experience in international patent registration procedures with the WIPO, USPTO & EPO and financing and patent registrations, ownership transfer and licensing. She has also practiced arbitration.

In addition, she is an instructor at the American Bar Association and has held teaching posts at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology University in Egypt.

Hadeer’s educational background, include an LLB from Cairo University and an LLM in International Comparative Law from the American University, as well as Banking Law from Zurich University.


President of Cairo Economic Court.

Dr. Amr Shoukry, Judge at Ministry of Egyptian Justice, is an expert in Cyber Security in London/Cairo.

Dr. Shoukry also is an investigator at Interpol, a Trainer at ABA, a Trainer at American TOT program. In addition, he is a lecturer at many of national and international Unis where he is specialized in IT/IP Law module.

Dr. Amr Shoukry will try to find with you an answer to the following question; How to protect the digital copyrighted works online in Egypt: The liability of ISPs? At PLP Program.


Human Resources Expert

Human Resources Expert

Ghada has over 12 years of experience with law firms. As a former training and recruitment manager of a leading Egyptian Law Firm, Ghada has profound capabilities in managing and implementing training programs for under graduates. For years Ghada has been providing career counselling and advising assistance to university students and graduates. She is a guest speaker in various employment events and occasions.
In addition to her law firms’ experience she has specialized experience with NGOs management. A social entrepreneur herself Ghada has co-founded a national youth NGO in 2003 that has been progressing ever since and serving the most marginalized communities in Egypt.


Lecturer & Head of Sport Law

Lecturer & Head of Sport Law
Nasr Eldien Azam is aLecturer & Head of Sports Law and Lecturer at FIFA CIES Sports Management Programme at Cairo University and Founder, Sports Lawyer at Sports Makers.


Senior Associate 

Dahlia Hakim is Senior associate working in Open chance and Associates Law Firm in collaboration with Andrews Kurth, graduated from Law School, Cairo University in June 2013.

After receiving her education, Dahlia interned in “Open Chance & Associates”. She later worked as a junior corporate consultant in an International Law firm and then as a legal consultant for the NGOs “Non-governmental Organizations”.

In March 2014, Dahlia passed the online course of “Contract Drafting and Analysis” offered from Lucent Technologies.

In July 2015, she has an arbitration license from the Egyptian Bar “certified from the foreign relationship Committee”

In January 2016, she passed a workshop on “Administrative Disputes Resolution” and has a certificate from “Sabra Group for Training”.

Dahlia has been worked as an inspector since March 2015 on the employees in the private sectors. She leads a five-person team for the corporate section. As a legal instructor, she gave courses for different legal classes, i.e lawyers, judges, fresh graduates, public attorneys…etc.
Dahlia will provide Legal Writing (Legal Analysis) in the PLP Program.
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